Best Triathlon Aero Bars (Updated)

best triathlon aerobarsThere is a multitude of options available when looking for the best triathlon aero bars for your ride.

Whether you are looking for the most comfortable aero position or get way down into the aero ride, you will have plenty of choice with this selection of the best triathlon aero bars.

You can also spend anything from fifty dollars upwards past eight hundred dollars for a set of tri bars.  It really comes down to what you are comfortable with and how far you can stretch your budget.

Ask yourself this – do you need a set of aerobars for a triathlon…

Is it for a leisurely ride around the park or for a high-speed sprint triathlon.

If you are just out cruising around the park then perhaps not, but if you are getting into triathlon as a sport then we suggest you go for it and even get yourself a set of cheap triathlon aero bars.

You may then progress onto a set of carbon adjustable aero bars as you get into the sport more.

Because of the variety, we have put together this list to get you started in your decision process.  We may not cover all of the best triathlon aero bars but hope you can find something here that suits you.  These are the most popular on the market at the moment.

Our best Triathlon TT Bars for 2017 season

Profile Design T3+ Carbon Aero Bar
Profile Design - Sports
$229.99 from $199.99
Profile Design T2+ Carbon Aero Bar
Profile Design - Sports
Profile Design T2+ DL Aero Bar
Profile Design - Sports
Profile Design Legacy Aero Bar, Anodized Matte Black, One Size
Profile Design Cycling Accessories - Sports
Profile Design T2+ Carbon Aero Bar, White
Profile Design - Sports
Profile Design T4+ Carbon Aero Bar
Profile Design - Sports
$229.99 $183.99

What to look for

A great question and the answer is – it depends.

Are you just looking for something for you cruiser that you take on leisurely rides around the countryside then you probably won’t want to invest too much to start off with?

Your first triathlon aero bars can be very basic and most likely made of aluminium. You can pick up a fairly decent set of intro aero bars for about fifty dollars.

The beauty of these is because they are clip-on aero bars you can just take them off if you are not happy with the riding style.

Best Triathlon Aero Bars – National Sprint Champion Winner…

If you are in the market for a new set of aero bars and want to compete at a higher level then you will need something much lighter and sleeker than the intro set above.

You will need to at a minimum consider carbon triathlon aero bars for their massive weight reduction.

Using these aero bars does change a few things though. You will have to spend a few more dollars to get a set of tri bars you can work with, to keep the weight down and to get down and in the full aero position.

Comfort plays a bit part in this too.

Getting set up with a comfortable set is sort of trial and error. Compared to a standard road bike setup the aero position feels a bit odd when you start out. Your position on the bike can play havoc with your ‘saddle’ area so it takes a bit of getting used to. Also, because you are riding in a more forward position on the bike handling becomes a bit more challenging. The benefits of riding in an aero position far outweight your comfort challenges in terms of performance though. Getting aerp shaves valuable time off your race results and is the best way to hit that next personal best.

Watch out as well if you buy a second-hand pair.  Sometimes the previous user will cut down the stems a bit and they may be too short for you.

Aero Bars – Next Stop Ironman.

Taking things up another notch and you start to get into the realms of professional style aero bars.  Again you will be faced with a multitude of options here.

One of our favourites triathlon aero bars are the Zipp Vuka Stealth Aerobar.  These really are an exceptional set of bars and come in at about 800g so light as well.

If you want to look a little deeper into body dynamics and how things work while you are in the saddle then take a look at this excellent video showing off the awesome profile design triathlon aero bars.


 Triathlon Aero Bar benefits.

This is simple really.  It comes down to aerodynamics.

When you are down in the aero position you remove a bit of body mass out of the wind.

We are not the most aerodynamic of creatures so by getting down low you are giving yourself a huge advantage over the opposition.

Cheap to get set up.  You can pick these up fairly cheap secondhand – make sure they have not been cut down though or you might find your arms are too long – you can’t cut them down to suit!!

You might go for a set of clip on aero bars.  These are by far the cheapest and you can adjust them to your size.  They are also easy to remove if you decide against riding with aero bars.

Adding a set of tri bars to your bike changes everything. Just make sure your bike is suitable for this kind of aggressive racing. Th only other addition we would make to this is to add in a decent set of wheels and tires and you are good to go.

Clip On triathlon Aero Bars

Another option available to you is to get yourself a set of clip on aero bars for a road bike and this is a great introduction into real triathlon racing. Having a more aero position helps you on race day. It’s not easy to start off with but once you get used to this position you will be glad you made the switch.

Using a set of clip ons transform your standard road bike into a racing machine – well sort of anyway. It’s definitely going to help you with race times and overall fitness.

This keeps the cost way down as you don’t have to invest in a dedicated triathlon bike when starting out and you can remove the bar extensions if they do not suit your riding style.

Sprint Distance Triathlete. Swim, Bike, Run, Fitness. IronMan is on the cards for 2018. Love the tech behind triathlon equipment and spend far too much time testing everything out so you don’t have to!!

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