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Anti-Fog Spray for your swimming Goggles

One thing that used to really bug me was fogged up swimming goggles. 

I tried the whole human spit in the goggles trick and had mixed results. 

Not good if you are about to launch into a triathlon swim, can’t see where you are going and are surrounded by a large group of other competitors who are out to beat you at any cost.

swimming tips for triathlon

Remember that your temperature is probably up while you stand at the start line from anticipation.  This will cause you to fog up fairly quickly.

What you really need is a decent anti fog spray you can throw in the transition bag and give your swim goggles a quick squirt before you get stuck into the race.  No need to worry about goggles fogging up after that.  I find that a good application will last at least a couple of sessions and then it’s just a case of simply giving the goggles another spray.

No need to worry about goggles fogging up after that.  I find that a good anti fog spray application will last at least a couple of sessions and then it’s just a case of simply giving the goggles another spray.

Our best Anti-Fog Spray for swimming goggles

Our Top Choice | Jaws Quick Spit Anti Fog Spray

First up we are going to look at Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray.  With Jaws you get the worlds most recognized anti fog spray and it has a long list of uses.  From swimming goggles to dive masks, sports goggles and safety goggles, ski goggles, paintball masks and even binoculars Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray has you covered.

This long lasting non-toxic spray provides about 200+ applications per bottle.

Tip:  Make sure you rinse out your goggles after you apply this or you may get a stinging irritation after a couple of laps.5.0 Stars

A Close Second for Anti Fog Spray

Cressi Anti Fog Spray for Swim Goggles  is next up for review.  Another quality product that will help you in your quest for clear goggles.  Cressi anti fog is a long lasting solution to fogged up swimming goggles.  You might only have to apply this once a week even if you swim regularly.

Tip:  Like all antifog goggle sprays make sure you rinse out your goggles after each application to avoid irritating you eyes.4.5 Stars

Third Place Anti Fog For Goggles

The final anti fog spray for goggles we are going to discuss is Seasoft SeaVue Concentrated Anti-Fog Pump Spray.  SeaVue also provides a long lasting solution to clear swimming vision.

Tip:  Spray this on your goggles a few minutes before you go swimming for a clear and fog-free view.4.3 Stars

Anti Fog Spray For Goggles

You certainly have a wide variety of brands available and here we have picked out the top three based on user experience and value for money.  Yep – we know you can use spit and also perhaps baby shampoo as a temporary solution to fogged up goggles but, to be honest on race day you want something you can absolutely rely on.

Think about the fact that you may put your goggles on and take them off a couple of times before you start your race.  This is where the spit/shampoo system fails most of the time.

Do yourself a favor, for under ten dollars you can set your goggles up so there is no need to worry about fogged up lenses while you are flat out in the swim.

Having competed in many multi-sport events one thing I have to rely on is the gear in my bag.  Temperatures are high at the start line and if you look around you will notice quite a few people spitting on, and cleaning out fogged up goggles just before the starting gun goes off.

Being organized and relaxed really helps you concentrate on hitting that personal best you are looking for.  Make sure you can see where you are going by having clear fog-free goggles before you plunge into the water.

This seems like such a simple thing but you will be surprised the next time you are out on the starting line.

The simple solution is a small bottle of anti-fog spray tucked into the corner of you tri bag.  Most swim goggles come with some form of anti-fog coating when they are new.  This wears off over time and cane slowly become a big problem.

We have put together a list of the most popular anti-fog sprays below based on user ratings and reviews to give you an idea of what else is on the market.  One thing is for sure, though.  If you stick to one of the top three brands then you can’t really go wrong.

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Best Swimming Goggles Review for 2017 season

There are many options available when looking for the best swim goggles.  Whether you are looking for the most comfortable full mask type goggles or for the slick suction goggles you will have plenty of choice.  Swimming goggles will most likely be one of the cheaper purchases you make when getting set up for a triathlon.  Prices range from about twenty dollars up to about fifty dollars for the top of the line.

It really comes down to what you are most comfortable wearing.  I started out wearing the full mask style goggles as they gave me the best field of vision and I didn’t have to worry about them leaking during a race.  They do offer a bigger ‘target’ when racing for somebody else’s foot to kick them off your head.

I progressed onto a much slicker pain of TYR Special Ops goggles as I got more confident in the water.  I usually wear two swimming hats during a race.  The second hat goes over the band of the goggles to help keep it in place while racing.  There is nothing worse than losing your goggles during a race – it’s hard enough as it is to manoeuvre around the water without having to do it with your eyes closed.

Our best Triathlon Goggles for the 2017 season

Our Top 3 Swimming Goggles

First Place: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

The best selling swimming goggles for 2014 are without any doubt the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle.

Some of the features that make these the best swimming goggles on the market are the ultra low profile design that gives you an additional 25% peripheral vision.  Very handy when you are jammed into a pack of eager triathletes all vying for a personal best.  They come with a silicone double headstrap that is easily adjustable, and you wont have to worry about these goggles moving about while you are swimming.

The soft silicone eye seals keep every last drop of water out and the ultra mirrored coating help reduce the glare off the water. 4.3 Stars

Second Place: Aqua Sphere KAYENNE GOGGLE

A very close second in this review is the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle.

These goggles are a firm favorite of mine because they give you a full field of vision when you are swimming.  The big lenses are great when you are starting out and you get none of the uncomfortable pressure or suction feeling when you are wearing them.

They come with a very easy to use adjusting system which allows you to make small adjustments while wearing them.  Couple that with the anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses and you are on to a winner with these goggles. 4.3 Stars

Third Place: Sable Water Optics

The final set in our top three review of swim goggles are the excellent Sable WaterOptics 101MT Mirrored Competition Goggles.  These goggles form Sable are top of the line with regards to quality and features.

If you need a very clear view of things going on around you then these are the goggles for you.  They are a bit more expensive than the other goggles in this review but then the quality of this brand really shine out.  They do not fog up when you are swimming and because of the quality of the fit you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them.  They are a firm favorite amongst budding and professional triathletes. 4.4 Stars

Swim Goggles – What to look for

There are many types of swimming goggles you can purchase and here we will break it down a bit more to give you some ideas and use cases for each one.

Competition Goggles

anti fog sprayCompetition goggles are really slick close fitting goggles.  You will see this style on most of the serious swimmers on race day.  They sit very close in to the eye so reduce drag considerably and because they are so slick they also help with aerodynamics during the swim.  They take a bit of getting used to but are by far the best but take some getting used to because of the tight fit.  I strongly suggest testing these and get comfortable with them in the pool or on training sessions before you hit the start line.  Some people cannot wear them at all so take your time and get them setup and adjusted to suit early.  I have seen people mark the bands with tape so they know exactly where the need to be adjusted to in case they slip.

Gasket Goggles

Seen by many as the most comfortable swim goggles the gasket style name comes from the ring of silicone or sometimes foam than lines the inner edge of the goggles.  They fit snugly to the contours of your face and do not sit in too tight to the eyeball.  Sometimes you will hear people complaining that they suck their eyeballs out and are too tight.  This comes down to how they are adjusted.  Again to highlight the point I made earlier, make sure you test and adjust them correctly before race day.  A couple of sessions in the pool will have you sorted in no time at all.

Full Mask Goggles

swim gogglesThe full mask style swim goggles are great when starting out.  Not the most aerodynamic of styles but for the novice competitor or casual swimmer they are ideal.  They give you a full field of vision and do not in any way press in on your eye sockets.  The silicone edge fits around the face very comfortably.  This is the style I started out with.  The big problem I had was they were removed rather abruptly from my head about 2 meters into the first competitive swim I ever did.  I do still however use them during the odd training session as they really are very comfortable and have never leaked a drop.

Swim Goggles – How do they Fit

Next up we want to look at how to correctly fit your new swim goggles.  We have all seen the mysterious red band of terror that people produce when they take off their swimming goggles.  Do the following next time you put yours on or are trying out a new pair.

Easy does it

As a minimum test you want to make sure the goggles actually fit you.  This is easily achieved by press fitting the goggles onto your face.  Push them gently towards your face until the suction process takes over.  They should fit around your eye and not in it.  Don’t force them – apart from blinding yourself momentarily you will not conduct a suitable test this way.  If they fit correctly they should stay in place on their own.  Note that we have not tightened the strap at this stage.  They should stay there on their own.

Can I still see

Next you want to adjust the strap.  Don’t tighten the strap to the point where you might pass out from lack of blood circulation either.  You want to tighten it enough to make sure the goggles stay in place because the suction process mentioned above will look after the water tight seal not the strap.

Caring for your Goggles

best swim gogglesMake sure you wash and rinse your goggles properly after you swim.  Do not rinse them in the pool but rather rinse them off in the shower or under a tap.  The pool chlorine will eat away at the seals if you don’t wash it off post swim.  You should also make sure to store your goggles in a dry place after use.  Your best swim goggles will be useless if left in the bottom of a damp gear bag.  Bacteria will start to grow on them and the lenses will get dull or even crack.  Dry them thoroughly and store them somewhere dry.  Most decent swimming goggles come with a hard case which is ideal for storage.  If you have the luxury of living in a climate that allows for a lot of outdoor swimming protect your goggles from prolonged exposure to the sun.  This exposure will effect the durability of the straps.

So just to recap.  Keep you swim goggles dry, clean and away from the sun and they will last for many years.

best triathlon wetsuit

Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews

Triathlon Wetsuit Reviews for the 2017 Season

Are you looking for advice on a  wetsuit for a triathlon? These triathlon wetsuit reviews should give you a good idea where to start.  

Whether you are looking for the most comfortable triathlon wetsuit or the sleekest suit you will have plenty of choice. You can also spend anything from one hundred dollars up to about six hundred dollars for a top of the line triathlon wetsuit and your choice will come down to a couple of things:

What level you compete at and how deep your pockets are.  

There are many advantages with going for the pricier suits but not everybody is willing to invest. Especially on day one.  What I would say is try and stretch yourself a bit from the outset as it will make all the difference come race day.  We may not cover everything in these triathlon wetsuit reviews but hope you can find something here that suits you.  These are the most popular suits on the market at the moment.

Our best Triathlon Wetsuits for 2017 season

triathlon wetsuit reviewsSomething that often gets over looked is caring for your wetsuit.  

You will have made a substantial investment in a wetsuit so make sure you look after it.  The first thing you need to do post race is clean your wetsuit thoroughly.  

Wash it out with clean water – never wash it out in the sea, especially in the surf.  You will just be adding more sand into the mix.  

When you are drying your wetsuit make sure to dry it inside out.  Hang it on a wide hanger (available here) or fold it flat for storage.  If the zipper gets a bit tight the use bees wax to lubricate it.  Never use normal oil etc as this will have a detrimental effect on the material of the wetsuit.  If you take proper care of your wetsuit you will enjoy it for many races to come.  Happy racing…

If the zipper gets a bit tight the use bees wax to lubricate it.  Never use normal oil etc as this will have a detrimental effect on the material of the wetsuit.  If you take proper care of your wetsuit you will enjoy it for many races to come.  Happy racing…

Happy racing…

Here is a great video that shows you the correct way to put a wetsuit on.

triathlon wetsuit reviews

You also need to consider a decent set of swim goggles as part of your triathlon gear requirements.  

We have a full review section on the best swimming goggles covering off the various styles of swim goggles and the use case for each.  

Your swimming goggles play a very important part during the swim section of the race.

You need to make sure you have a pair you can rely on.  

We have put a review together of some of the best we can find online – from full face goggles to sleek aero racing goggles.


triathlon wetsuit reviewsSomething that is ofter overlooked is a decent triathlon transition bag to put all this gear into.  

We have a full review section of the best triathlon transition bags which you should check out.  

Look for one with a wetsuit compartment to keep everything else dry.