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Best Women’s Bike Shorts for 2017

Wearing the correct bike shorts for cycling is critical as they are designed to provide compression and comfort on every ride.  

A key factor of a decent pair of bike shorts is the padding or chamois.  

This ingenious device provides comfort in the saddle for both short and long journeys and once you have tried a reputable pair of bike shorts you will never look back.

The women’s bike shorts picked for this review are the most popular brands out there at the moment. They should give you a view of what is on offer for female cyclists and also a breakdown of some of the features you would expect in a quality pair of women’s cycling shorts.

Our choice for the best Women’s bike shorts for 2017

Best shorts | Our number one choice

The Pearl Izumi attack women’s bike shorts are by far our favourite shorts. They are superbly designed and ultra comfortable in every way. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Pearl Izumi Women's Attack Shorts, Black, Small Pearl Izumi Women's Attack Shorts, Black, Small 153 Reviews $49.90

They will become your go to shorts for any distance ride. Just the right amount of compression in the material and the padding in the chamois is excellent.

Easy to wash and the quality material will last a long time.

Here is a quick video from Pearl Izumi on the main features of the shorts. Go try them out – you will thanks us later.

When you get into the sport of cycling and maybe even triathlon then you should consider investing in a more expensive pair of shorts.  You will have to pay a bit more but the quality and comfort of a really good pair of women’s bike shorts are well worth the additional cost.  

Remember you want them to last, plus you might transition into long distance cycling or perhaps even an IronMan race so don’t skimp if you don’t have to.  

When you start to look at the higher end of bike shorts for women you can pay anything up to three hundred dollars for a pair.  We love these Pearl Izumi women’s shorts as they offer good value for the quality you get from this quality brand.

Best Women’s Bike Shorts – What features do you need?


There are a few different styles of bike shorts available and the choice you make is really up to you.

  • You can get longer shorts that cover more of your let and provide extra control over muscle compression.
  • Shorter shorts that give you maximum free movement.
  • Women’s bib shorts that have shoulder straps to keep everything securely in place on longer rides.

Your colour choice is unlimited but we recommend that you go for a pair with reflective panels or seams if you are cycling around at dusk or early morning to make sure other people and traffic can see you on the roads or trails.

Women’s Chamois

As mentioned above the chamois or padding of the shorts are the most important feature to look for. With women’s cycling shorts the chamois is thicker in the middle compared to men’s ones to provide additional support for your sitting bones (ischium bones). This padding really makes the difference on even shorter rides and you would be mad to go for a pair without padding.

This padding really makes the difference on even shorter rides and you would be mad to go for a pair without padding.

Most women’s shorts have a chamois that is sewn into the material and this helps keep everything from slipping about. You wear these shorts without underwear and because of the design you are maximising comfort without having to worry about abrasion of any kind from a loose fitting material.

Free movement but controlled

You also want to invest in a quality pair of shorts that allow plenty of free movement. Some of the cheaper pairs out there are quite restrictive and will become uncomfortable very quickly.

Another issue we find with cheaper brands is the gel anti-slip band around the leg cuff of the shorts tends to be of poor quality and the shorts ride up your leg or nearly pull the skin off your leg!

The band prevents all sorts of issues when you are cycling. If your shorts ride up your let you are going to end up with bundled material that will cause chafing. The chamois will also move around and this can cause all sorts of problems – especially on a longer ride.

If you are prone to chafing then you should invest in some anti-chafe cream to keep you comfortable. This inexpensive cream can be a life saver…

What are they made of?

All good bike shorts are made of a spandex material. They should be worn as a snug fit but no too tight. You need them to fit comfortably but to stay in place. With spandex, they should hug your skin.

You might see some designs made up of several different types of material. This design allows for breathable side panels in the shorts to keep you cool on long rides and warmer days.

You are looking for a compression feel to your shorts that help with muscle movement but do not restrict blood flow in any way.

Keeping them clean

Hygiene is hugely important with women’s bike shorts. Because you wear them without underwear you need to make sure and give them a good machine wash after every use.

If you don’t look after your shorts you can get a build up of nasty bacteria in the material and chamois and this can lead to saddle sores or infections over time. Also, make sure to let them air dry to preserve the elastic in the seams.


If you have a favourite pair of shorts you wear out on the bike that you can’t live without then let us know and we may add them to the list.  We can’t obviously cover off every brand or style here so just picked the ones we feel are top quality for the money.

Also, we would appreciate you hitting one of the share buttons and spreading the word if you feel that this post on women’s bike shorts is of value to you or perhaps to one of you friends.

Thanks for stopping by and happy cycling.

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Women’s Tri Suit Review

Picking the right tri suit you are comfortable in and can compete without having to worry about chafing, itching  scratching or any other irritation while you are out on the race can be a bit of a challenge.

There is enough to worry about without adding to it.

We have picked out a few of the best from our tri suit women category that we feel will give you the comfortable edge on race day.

Whether it is a 2 piece tri suit or an all in one you have come to the right place.


ZOOT SPORTS Women's Performance Tri Byob Racesuit, Large, Black/Pacific
11 Reviews
ZOOT SPORTS Women's Performance Tri Byob Racesuit, Large, Black/Pacific
  • Dual Hip Holster pockets for nutrition storage
  • Performance Endura fabric to help you stay dry and comfortable
  • Bring-Your-Own-Bra
  • NEW - Teksheen BIO wrap gripper-free hem
  • SeamLink stitch construction ensures next-to-skin comfort, minimizes chafing and stretches with fabric
Louis Garneau Women's Tri Elite Course Suit 2013 - BLACK/RED/Medium
  • One-piece technology: Minimum number of seams for enhanced aerodynamics and minimized risks of irritation
  • 15"/38 cm comfort zip with inner flap
  • Inner flap protects skin from the zip Comfort designed armholes and neck
  • Accomodate full range of motion Lazer-finished hem at thigh
  • finish Inseam: 10.5"/26.5cm
2XU Women's Active Tri Suit, Black/Cherry Pink, Large
13 Reviews
2XU Women's Active Tri Suit, Black/Cherry Pink, Large
  • Sbr skin x Technology boosts performance, support and recovery with 70D Elastane fabric
  • High Fil mesh paneling on the front and back provides breathability and full range of motion
  • Flat lock stitching creates a streamlined look, enhancing comfort while reducing chafe
  • The quick-drying, Ultra-thin speed line chamois has the essential padding you need while riding
  • Silicone-free Y elastic grip keeps your tri suit comfortably in place with two rear pockets are ideal for storing fuel
Pearl Izumi Women's Pro Tri Sprint Suit, Small, Black
8 Reviews
Pearl Izumi Women's Pro Tri Sprint Suit, Small, Black
  • Fall/Winter 2013
  • Read the care content label on the inside of your garment for specific instructions; use simple detergents with no additives.
Pearl iZUMi Women's Elite Pursuit Tri Suit
12 Reviews
Pearl iZUMi Women's Elite Pursuit Tri Suit
  • ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric powered by cold black provides superior cooling and reflective Sun Protection
  • ELITE transfer In-R-Cool fabric features Lycra Sport that helps garments maintain original compression levels
  • ELITE transfer Aero fabric is strategically placed for superior aerodynamics, separate bra top offers maximum support and allows easy on/off access of the suit
  • Merrow stitch construction for superior next-to-skin comfort, 10 inch
  • Two back easy access Envelope pockets, TRI quick-dry chamois, 9 inch
Louis Garneau 2016 Women's Pro Carbon Triathlon Suit - 1058344
1 Reviews
Louis Garneau 2016 Women's Pro Carbon Triathlon Suit - 1058344
  • Inseam: 8in/20.5 cm
  • Seamless inner leg: Reduces bulkiness and excess material that causes saddle bunching
  • Micro-Activ seams: Eliminate irritation and reduce chafing
  • Flatlock seams: Eliminate irritation and reduce chafing
  • Front, back and bottom reflective accents
Sugoi Women's RPM Tri Suit, Black, Medium
12 Reviews
Sugoi Women's RPM Tri Suit, Black, Medium
  • Zone construction features mesh panel inserts for airflow and breathability
  • Flat seams for increased comfort and abrasion resistance
  • Front zip for extra ventilation on hot rides and runs
  • Fabric Type :85% Nylon 15% Spandex
2XU Women's Perform Trisuit with Front Zip, Small, Black/Amethyst
12 Reviews
2XU Women's Perform Trisuit with Front Zip, Small, Black/Amethyst
  • Two rear angled mesh storage pockets
  • 105 denier circular knit compression for incredible strength, durability + muscle stabilization
  • High comfort, low profile superfit powermesh waistband for breathability + a firm, flat fit
  • Flocked inner leg opening for comfort
  • Anti-chaffe fusion bonded seams
Orca Women's Core Tri Race Suit (Black/Turquoise, Large)
1 Reviews
Orca Women's Core Tri Race Suit (Black/Turquoise, Large)
  • Tri-Mesh - Tri-Mesh uses a mix of polyester and spandex to wick moisture away from the body and provide increased breathability for comfort during exercise. This is used for the internal-bra, providing support with maximum breathability.
  • Vapour - The new generation Orca Vapour is a light, breathable fabric used in key moisture transfer panels of garment construction. With a high moisture vapour transmission rate - the rate at which moisture passes through the fabric and away from the skin - Vapour is utilized in areas to maximize performance and comfort.
  • AquaGlide - Orca AquaGlide has been re-engineered as a higher gauge fabric - a tighter knit, for lighter, more breathable comfort and increased durability. Water resistant qualities promote speed through the water, while minimizing water absorption. Featuring spandex inside a polyamide yarn, AquaGlide keeps athletes cool, dry and comfortable.
  • SUPPORT - Built-in Zip Front Tri Internal bra features an Aquaglide front panel for increased support and a Tri-Mesh back for breathability where you need it most.
  • SUPREME COMFORT - 6mm women-specific Italian Tri-Support chamois with 70kg density gives greater comfort on the bike

If you have used any other ladies tri suit then let us know and we will review it.  If suitable we will add it to the list and publish it here.  If you would like to write a review on any women’s tri suit then even better.  Let us know and we will add it to this page.

You can also check out the full selection of women’s tri suits over on Amazon.

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Thanks and happy running.