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Wearing the correct bike shorts for cycling is critical as they are designed to provide compression and comfort on every ride.  Whether its long or short journeys you need to definitely consider cycling shorts that have a padded chamois.

This ingenious device provides superb comfort in the saddle and once you have tried a reputable pair of bike shorts you will never look back. Our bike shorts for men reviewed products below should give you a view of what is on offer for male cyclists and a breakdown of some of the features you would expect in a quality pair of men’s cycling shorts.

We have tried to break this selection down into a couple of groups. Entry level shorts from some of the top brands and then go on to more expensive styles like the men’s bib cycling shorts.

If you are starting out in the world of cycling then you might want to go for a cheaper pair until you get ‘hooked’ on the sport.  The Canari Mens bike shorts below are a great pair to get you started

Bike Shorts Men – Top quality without the price

3.7 Stars

4.0 Stars

4.7 Stars

4.7 Stars

bike shorts menAs you progress into the ‘addiction’ that is cycling and triathlon you should really consider upping the standard of you gear.  You will be now either competing in longer distance races or at least training harder to boost your endurance, so quality bike shorts are now a must.

You will have to pay a bit more for some of these shorts but the quality and comfort of a really good pair of men’s bike shorts is worth the additional cost.  Because of your increased level of training you want something durable and strong enough to cope with the additional use.

When you start to look at the higher end of bike shorts for men you can pay anything up to three hundred dollars for a pair.

We highly recommend the Castelli shorts with the built in straps below.  These really are a top quality pair of shorts and you will stand out when you are in the crown with these beauties.

4.2 Stars

4.6 Stars

4.8 Stars

4.0 Stars

Best Mens Bike Shorts – Features Galore.


If you have a favorite pair of shorts you wear out on the bike that you can’t live without then let us know and we may add them to the list.  We can’t obviously cover off every brand or style here so just picked the ones we feel are top quality for the money.

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our mens bike shorts review.  Enjoy a pair today and happy cycling.