Best Triathlon Suit Review 2017

There are plenty of options available when looking for the best triathlon suit.

Whether you are looking for the most comfortable tri suit, a suit that you can wear under your triathlon wetsuit, or a tri suit you can use for all three stages of the competition.

Straight away we recommend the following triathlon suits. The SLS CMX Men’s Trisuit is awesome value for the money and the De Soto Forza suit is top of the line when it comes to quality, comfort and durability.

You can spend anything from fifty dollars up to over two hundred dollars for the top of the line triathlon suits. Because it can be a tough choice to make we have put together this list to get you started in your decision process.

We may not cover all the best triathlon suits but hope you can find something here that suits you.  These are the most popular on the market at the moment.

Our Top 11 Triathlon Suits for 2017



Best Triathlon Suit – What to look for

A great question and the answer is – it depends.  We have created this triathlon suit guide to give you an idea of the most popular in the range and compare features.

Finding a quality triathlon suit

The first suit I bought was a real beginner special. It cost about $30 and while it did last a few races there was no comparison when I upgraded to a more reputable brand.

Straight away I noticed the fit was much better. The leg grips on the original suit were crude silicone bands that were tight enough to nearly cut off all circulation to my legs. The newer suit – a Pearl Izumi had silicone free ends on the shorts and it was the material itself that held them in place.

Padding and movement

The next thing I noticed was the padding. The old shorts had a very thin flimsy padding, which was torture on the bike section of the race and didn’t conform too well to the undercarriage areas. This was very noticeable when trying to run as it sort of wobbled all over the place.

With the upgraded shorts the bike ride was much better. It was like wearing a pair of really good bike shorts but without the overly padded area that would have hampered my run performance in stage 3 of the race.

I have used this for sprint triathlons and as a long distance tri short as well and they never let me down.

Material Makeup

All tri shorts are made from synthetics and one thing to be wary of is if the manufacturer uses any sort of chemical coating on the material to provide performance improvements. This can be great when they are new but after a few washes the chemicals dissipate and the advantage goes down the drain.

If this is a concern to you then get yourself a pair of the De Soto’s I mentioned at the start of the article as they perform the same way from day one until they wear out.

Also look at the seams. On cheaper triathlon suits the stitching can be very weak and cause irritation to the skin, especially around the zipper area. The better quality brands have overcome this by adding internal cover for the zipper and enhanced stitching to keep you chafe-free.

You also need to consider the UV properties of the suit. Chances are you are going to get caught out in the sun at some stages of the race so make sure you are protected.

The last thing we want to say on the material of your tri suit is to check how it handles chlorine. If like me you train in your gear to get used to the feel of everything then try to avoid swimming in the pool too much. The chlorine has a tendency to break down the synthetic fabrics over time.

Tri Suit Color

One quick tip to add to this post is to watch out for the color of the tri suit you pick. They come in all different colors but try and avoid a suit with white shorts sections because they will show the marks left from your saddle over time and there is no way to get this out.

This won’t really matter if you are a pro and get free tri suits from your sponsor, but if you are like the rest of us, then you buy quality kit that has to last season after season so go for something that will stand the test of time and plenty of personal bests along the way.

synergy tri suitSynergy Men’s Triathlon Trisuit – Best Value

We came across the Synergy Tri suit a while ago and because of all the great reviews, we decided we had to check it out.

A great fit, comfortable all over and it has a quality Gel pad for long distance racing but doesn’t compromise you on the run to the finish line.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features of this great value tri suit:

  • NeoGel pad with anti-microbial fleece
  • Modesty panel for comfort and support
  • Semi-compression in the legs, Soft leg gripper
  • 3/4 Adjustable zipper, Large armholes to prevent chafing
  • Flat Lock stitching throughout, 2 mesh pockets in the back

I was wearing the XL suit as I am over 6ft and weight a bit more than I should and this suit fits perfectly. The material is solid enough but comfortable and the leg grips stayed put for the whole race without ripping the legs off you like some other suits.

Would I buy another one? Absolutely and probably will, to have a spare suit on hand.

Price wise you probably won’t find a better deal than this one on Amazon so go check it out and look the part next time you hit the start line.

Preview Product Rating Price
Synergy Men's Triathlon Trisuit (Red/Black, Medium) Synergy Men's Triathlon Trisuit (Red/Black, Medium) 73 Reviews $89.99

 Tri Suit Care

There are many suggestions about caring for your tri suit.  You spend quite a few hard earned dollars on a good quality tri suit so you need to look after it.  When washing your tri suit make sure you wash it on a cold wash without strong detergent.  Hang to dry and never put it in the tumble dryer.  I hear a lot of people wear theirs in the shower and wash them down with baby shampoo.  Not a bad idea as the shampoo contains very little in the way of chemicals so won’t corrode your suit.

Thanks for checking out our Tri Suit reviews.  Be sure to check out our other reviews here

Best Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuit

I have been racing Triathlon for many years now and when I first started out I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of gear I needed – well I thought I needed anyway. One of the more expensive items on my list was a wetsuit and today we look at the best entry level triathlon wetsuit money can buy.

There are a lot of races that won’t even let you into the water without a wetsuit  – due to the low temperatures so it’s a bit of kit you can’t do without. Plus if you aren’t the best swimmer out there you will be glad of the extra buoyancy you get from a wetsuit.

I started searching online and found a lot of rubbish to be honest so set about creating a review for beginner triathlon wetsuits so you don’t have to go through the same pain that I did.

Firstly, when you are starting out, don’t spend a fortune on a wetsuit because you never know if you are going to stick with the sport and a decent tri suit is not really suitable for much else bar triathlons…

Here is a quick summary of our top triathlon wetsuits for beginners. We will go into detail on each one further down the page.

Best Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuit Comparison

High Quality Wetsuits at bargain prices

One thing that you will notice immediately is that even at this lower end of the price range all the top brands are in there. This just shows how things have moved on since I started.

My first wetsuit was great but not ideal for triathlon – at the time it was all I could afford. If you are interested it’s this one here. It is still in great condition and I use it for practising all of the time.

What to look for?

The are a few fundamentals with a good tri wetsuit that you should look out for:

Fit and Build Quality

Most important of the lot is the fit of the wetsuit. The wetsuit should be a snug fit with no gaps or looseness at the small of your back but not so tight that you can’t stand up fully without is tearing into your shoulders or crotch area.

The zipper should be flat on your back and easy to open and close by yourself. It should feel very strong and be made of heavy duty materials. The seams around the zipper should be sealed and flush to your back as well. All good tri wetsuits will sport a good zipper and the ones above are no exception.

The seams of the wetsuit should be smooth and flat with some wetsuits providing an additional layer of protection in the way of seam tape to cover everything up nicely. The first thing to go on any wetsuit will be one of the seams so make sure your suit is a reputable brand and you have nothing to worry about.

All good suits have some additional buoyancy panels built into the design. These are great for helping you stay afloat but just make sure they do not hamper your swim stroke in any way. Budget Wetsuits may have all the features but they aren’t necessarily in the right places – not with the brands we have covered though…


Flexibility is crucial for a couple of reasons. Firstly these wetsuits can be a nightmare to get on before a race. Use a bit of body glide if you are having trouble. You also need to be able to get the thing off after the swim.

You also need to be able to get the thing off after the swim. This becomes even more challenging because you are trying to remove it while you are running into the transition area to start your bike leg. I have seen more people struggle at this stage of the race than anywhere else.

Top Tip: Practice getting in and out of it a few times before you head out on your first race and get used to it. Triathletes, in general, are very friendly people but don’t get stuck in transition half out of your wetsuit and nowhere to go…


I have to admit I’m not the best swimmer in the world so can use all the help I can get. Having a nice buoyant wetsuit on during the swim is a great help. There are times in the past where I had to stop swimming and just float around for a bit to catch my breath – did I mention I’m not the best swimmer…

All modern wetsuits have additional buoyancy panels built in so happy days. My original suit didn;t have these luxuries but was that thick it was like a dry suit and I would have needed a weight belt to get it to sink. Believe me, I relied on it a few times.

What you are looking for is a wetsuit with buoyancy panels included that do not hamper your swim stroke in any way. Any of the wetsuits in the comparison table above will cover this for you so nothing to worry about.

Build Quality

Let’s face it. Your wetsuit is most likely going to be the second most expensive purchase you make, number 1 being your bike, so you want to make sure it last you for a long time.

With the brands listed above, you are getting premium quality at very affordable prices and the features are designed into their top wetsuits that can run well over $1000 a piece. There is no spurious knock off suits listed that you may find elsewhere. These are premium wetsuits from top flight Triathlon Gear companies.

Looking after your wetsuit

There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your wetsuit and keep it in tip-top condition for the next race.

Always wash your suit after every race. This is just as important for fresh water swims as it is for saltwater racing. In freshwater, you will pick up all sorts of grime and much getting in and ut of the water and if the water level is low you are probably going to be swimming trough some weed beds at some stage of the race.

It is very important after a Sea swim to wash the wetsuit thoroughly and remove all traces of salt from both the inside and outside.

I usually hang mine in the shower and give it a good scrub down with a soft cloth after each race. Just make sure the wetsuit is fully dry before you pack it away.

Another thing you can do after the suit ages a bit is to lubricate the zipper lightly. This might seem trivial but you will be glad you did when you are trying to get the darned thing off you in the transition area.

Blueseventy Men’s Sprint FullSleeve Wetsuit – Our Top Choice

Preview Product Rating Price
Men's blueseventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit Size MT Men's blueseventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit Size MT 2 Reviews $229.95

best entry level triathlon wetsuit review

While this may be classed as an entry level wetsuit the Blueseventy Sprint has all the features you would expect in a high-end tri wetsuit. Tri Wetsuits have really advanced over the past number of years and this suit is loaded with the latest technology.

This suit has additional buoyancy pads on the upper leg and hip areas to lift you higher in the water column to help you swim faster.

Built with 38 cell Yamamoto neoprene you have a very flexible suit that is buoyant and super durable.

The suits legs and arms are coated with SCS – a friction reducing coating that supposedly helps you glide through the water better. You will have to try it to find out…

The arm and ankle cuffs are made from a silicone compound that helps you get the suit on and off. You will appreciate this feature alone if you struggle with your wetsuit.

A final nice feature is the back of the neck. Blueseventy have lowered this a bit to stop you rubbing the neck off yourself when you are swimming. It also has the added advantage of keeping the zipper top clear.

We have used Blueseventy gear for some time and are big fans of their triathlon bags so have no hesitation in recommending them as a brand or indeed their wetsuit. Just look around the next time you are lining up for your swim at the start line and you will see plenty of athletes – both beginner and pro wearing them.

XTERRA Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit – Best Budget Tri Wetsuit

Preview Product Rating Price
XTERRA Men's Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit (Large) XTERRA Men's Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Full Suit (Large) 69 Reviews $129.00

The Xterra Volt comes with 3/2 mm neoprene making it super slick and flexible in and out of the water. This is a top quality wetsuit from a strong brand that will not let you down.  It is made of an eco-friendly limestone based neoprene that provides a very buoyant and flexible skin when you swim. The liner of the suit is called the X-Flex and because it stretches in ever direction this suit is very easy to get on and off before the race and more importantly in the transition area.

The suit uses a triple layer of glue which provides immense grip and combined with the double-blind stitching you end up with long-lasting waterproof seams that will not let you down.

The additional panel in and around the arms give you a full range of motion with your swim stroke. The double-bind stitching on these panels keeps them in place and waterproof.

Overall this is a super entry level triathlon wetsuit and at this price point is just about as good as you will get.

That’s it for now. We will be adding to this review as more triathlon wetsuits come down in price and offer the same quality and features as the ones we have listed. Whatever suit you choose make sure the fit is right, you look after it and enjoy your swimming.

Now get out there and start racing…


Best Swimming Goggles Review for 2017 season

There are many options available when looking for the best swim goggles.  Whether you are looking for the most comfortable full mask type goggles or for the slick suction goggles you will have plenty of choice.  Swimming goggles will most likely be one of the cheaper purchases you make when getting set up for a triathlon.  Prices range from about twenty dollars up to about fifty dollars for the top of the line.

It really comes down to what you are most comfortable wearing.  I started out wearing the full mask style goggles as they gave me the best field of vision and I didn’t have to worry about them leaking during a race.  They do offer a bigger ‘target’ when racing for somebody else’s foot to kick them off your head.

I progressed onto a much slicker pain of TYR Special Ops goggles as I got more confident in the water.  I usually wear two swimming hats during a race.  The second hat goes over the band of the goggles to help keep it in place while racing.  There is nothing worse than losing your goggles during a race – it’s hard enough as it is to manoeuvre around the water without having to do it with your eyes closed.

Our best Triathlon Goggles for the 2017 season

Our Top 3 Swimming Goggles

First Place: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle

The best selling swimming goggles for 2014 are without any doubt the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle.

Some of the features that make these the best swimming goggles on the market are the ultra low profile design that gives you an additional 25% peripheral vision.  Very handy when you are jammed into a pack of eager triathletes all vying for a personal best.  They come with a silicone double headstrap that is easily adjustable, and you wont have to worry about these goggles moving about while you are swimming.

The soft silicone eye seals keep every last drop of water out and the ultra mirrored coating help reduce the glare off the water. 4.3 Stars

Second Place: Aqua Sphere KAYENNE GOGGLE

A very close second in this review is the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle.

These goggles are a firm favorite of mine because they give you a full field of vision when you are swimming.  The big lenses are great when you are starting out and you get none of the uncomfortable pressure or suction feeling when you are wearing them.

They come with a very easy to use adjusting system which allows you to make small adjustments while wearing them.  Couple that with the anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses and you are on to a winner with these goggles. 4.3 Stars

Third Place: Sable Water Optics

The final set in our top three review of swim goggles are the excellent Sable WaterOptics 101MT Mirrored Competition Goggles.  These goggles form Sable are top of the line with regards to quality and features.

If you need a very clear view of things going on around you then these are the goggles for you.  They are a bit more expensive than the other goggles in this review but then the quality of this brand really shine out.  They do not fog up when you are swimming and because of the quality of the fit you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them.  They are a firm favorite amongst budding and professional triathletes. 4.4 Stars

Swim Goggles – What to look for

There are many types of swimming goggles you can purchase and here we will break it down a bit more to give you some ideas and use cases for each one.

Competition Goggles

anti fog sprayCompetition goggles are really slick close fitting goggles.  You will see this style on most of the serious swimmers on race day.  They sit very close in to the eye so reduce drag considerably and because they are so slick they also help with aerodynamics during the swim.  They take a bit of getting used to but are by far the best but take some getting used to because of the tight fit.  I strongly suggest testing these and get comfortable with them in the pool or on training sessions before you hit the start line.  Some people cannot wear them at all so take your time and get them setup and adjusted to suit early.  I have seen people mark the bands with tape so they know exactly where the need to be adjusted to in case they slip.

Gasket Goggles

Seen by many as the most comfortable swim goggles the gasket style name comes from the ring of silicone or sometimes foam than lines the inner edge of the goggles.  They fit snugly to the contours of your face and do not sit in too tight to the eyeball.  Sometimes you will hear people complaining that they suck their eyeballs out and are too tight.  This comes down to how they are adjusted.  Again to highlight the point I made earlier, make sure you test and adjust them correctly before race day.  A couple of sessions in the pool will have you sorted in no time at all.

Full Mask Goggles

swim gogglesThe full mask style swim goggles are great when starting out.  Not the most aerodynamic of styles but for the novice competitor or casual swimmer they are ideal.  They give you a full field of vision and do not in any way press in on your eye sockets.  The silicone edge fits around the face very comfortably.  This is the style I started out with.  The big problem I had was they were removed rather abruptly from my head about 2 meters into the first competitive swim I ever did.  I do still however use them during the odd training session as they really are very comfortable and have never leaked a drop.

Swim Goggles – How do they Fit

Next up we want to look at how to correctly fit your new swim goggles.  We have all seen the mysterious red band of terror that people produce when they take off their swimming goggles.  Do the following next time you put yours on or are trying out a new pair.

Easy does it

As a minimum test you want to make sure the goggles actually fit you.  This is easily achieved by press fitting the goggles onto your face.  Push them gently towards your face until the suction process takes over.  They should fit around your eye and not in it.  Don’t force them – apart from blinding yourself momentarily you will not conduct a suitable test this way.  If they fit correctly they should stay in place on their own.  Note that we have not tightened the strap at this stage.  They should stay there on their own.

Can I still see

Next you want to adjust the strap.  Don’t tighten the strap to the point where you might pass out from lack of blood circulation either.  You want to tighten it enough to make sure the goggles stay in place because the suction process mentioned above will look after the water tight seal not the strap.

Caring for your Goggles

best swim gogglesMake sure you wash and rinse your goggles properly after you swim.  Do not rinse them in the pool but rather rinse them off in the shower or under a tap.  The pool chlorine will eat away at the seals if you don’t wash it off post swim.  You should also make sure to store your goggles in a dry place after use.  Your best swim goggles will be useless if left in the bottom of a damp gear bag.  Bacteria will start to grow on them and the lenses will get dull or even crack.  Dry them thoroughly and store them somewhere dry.  Most decent swimming goggles come with a hard case which is ideal for storage.  If you have the luxury of living in a climate that allows for a lot of outdoor swimming protect your goggles from prolonged exposure to the sun.  This exposure will effect the durability of the straps.

So just to recap.  Keep you swim goggles dry, clean and away from the sun and they will last for many years.

Gym Bags for Women

When looking for gym bags for women you need to focus on a few key things. What sort of gym gear will you be putting into the bag, wet or dry, will it be for indoor use or going to be thrown out on the ground in the rain, and how big does it need to be.

Women’s gym bags come in many shapes and sizes so have a think about what you actually need to carry before you jump in and buy the nicest looking one.  It might look super trendy but not much use if you have to carry a second bag to carry the rest of your gym gear.  When you pick out a gym bag there are a few things that are a must for any good gym session.  We have compiled a top ten list at the bottom of this post – be sure to check it out.


Sports Gym Tote Bag

Under Armour Women's

adidas Women's Fearless Club Bag

Hot Blue Gym Bag

adidas Women's Diablo Duffle

Extreme Pak 18" 600D Pink Sport Bag

Ever Moda Tote Bag


Some other features you might want to look for.  Does it have a wet clothes compartment for swim suits and wet towels.  Is it easy to clean and keep germ free. Will you need to lock the bag or will it be stowed in a secure locker room while you are off training.

We have put together a high level review of our top choices for gym bags for women.  Let us know what you think and if you have a great bag that is not on our list then reach out and we may add it in.


Gym Bags for Women – Ten things you need in your gym bag

Here are ten things you should have in your gym bag for every workout.

women's gym bags

Coming in at number one is Workout Clothes. No point in going to the gym in your work clothes or trendy pin skirt. You might look cool but it won’t do you any good when you hit the treadmill, stepper or weights. Get something thats comfortable, fits well, wicks out sweat and keeps you cool while you power on.  There is a great selection of women’s gym clothing on Amazon and if you look about you will find everything you need, sometimes with great discounts – up to 70% in some cases so go take a look.  Stick to the better brands if you can because if you are like me in the gym then your clothes are going to get hammered so you don’t want them to fall apart – especially in the middle of a workout.  Pick something light but flexible, hardwearing but comfortable and make sure it can be thrown into the washing machine with just about anything so it doesn’t sit in a pile until you wash something the same color. Cotton socks and a good sports bra are also essential items so pick them up while you are at it.

Number two on the list is shoes. Shoe selection depends on what you are doing in the gym and the list goes on for miles. One shoe we always lean towards is the PUMA Women’s Shintai Runner Cat Cross-Training Shoe This awesome all rounder is perfect for every style of workout. The EVA foam midsole with multi-directional flex grooves offer versatile performance all over the gym.  Because the list and styles of women’s gym shoes is so extensive you need to think about what your primary objective in the gym is going to be, but also what you do exercise wise outside of the gym.  Are you a big runner, track or cross-country or do you just go for long walks and want a pair of runners that will suit for both the gym and outdoor use.

bags for women's gymUp next is a shaker or water bottle. If you are serious in the gym you will be consuming protein of some sort while you train. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a proper shaker. It will save you chugging down lumps of unmixed protein shake. We really like this one from BlenderBottle. When you start to train properly and depending on your focus you might start taking protein or supplements.  This is something that you will have to do some research on to make sure you get the right balance.  You don’t want to take protein or supplements that will bulk you up if you are trying to slim down and tone.  you should also make sure that you purchase all of these from a reputable supplier as sometimes you can get knock-off variations that are produced in places that do not follow any of the regulations or standards associated with producing health products.  Whatever route you take make sure you read the label and that the product suits your needs.

gym-towelYou will want to bring your own towel with you for your workout. You wouldn’t sit on an machine covered in sweat so don’t expect anybody else to either. Nothing fancy required here, just something you can fit in your bag that cover the seat of each machine you use. This ultra absorbent towel from Reebok is just the ticket.  It is worth spending a few dollars on a decent towel because the last thing you want is to be jamming a big bulky bathroom towel into your gym bag every time you leave the house.  You might think this is a gimmick but trust me it is worth the spend.

If like us you are into your tunes then you will need to get yourself some sports headphones for working out. Nothing big and clunky that will catch in pretty much everything as you train. You want to go for something sleek and low profile that almost becomes invisible while you work out. These earphones from Pioneer are absolutely superb and great value for the sound quality.  They hook around your ears nicely and will stay in place when you hit the running machines.  You often see people training with big bulky headphones.  You also see them spending most of the time pushing them back onto the heads because they keep slipping off.

Tip: Headphones falling out of your ears is very distracting and will cause you to break your rhythm so again its worth investing in a suitable pair of headphones for the gym.

stuff for women's gym bagsYou will also need something to hold your iPhone or other device securely to your arm while you train. If you are looking for quality then you need to check out TuneBelt. They have a great selection of gear in multiple styles for a multitude of device types.  If you don’t fancy having one of these on your arm then look for a pair of gym shorts that has a zipper pocket that will hold your phone of MP3 player.  It can be a real pain having to hold one of these whilst you are running.  You also run the risk of having headphone cables hanging about that you will inevitably rip out of your ears while in full stride.

gym shampooYou will want to shower after your workout Here is a handy set with Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, body lotion. They are a perfect size for your gym bag and designed to get rid of the smell of chlorine after you swim.  One of the beauties of this set is that it takes up very little room in your gym bag and for what you get in the set its quite inexpensive.

gym bags for womenOne thing that is a must in the gym is a pair of flip-flops. You may very well have the cleanest feet on the planet, but that does not mean that the person who just walked ahead of you does. Get a pair of these and save on picking up multiple foot problems while you walk around the changing room. This particular pair are also very handy on the yoga mat.  This particular pair are suitable for both the pool and the beach so you get multiple uses out of the same pair.  They have a very handy anti-slip sole to stop you ice skating across the floor on the way to the pool.  Make sure you read details on each option before you make a purchase as you need them to be anti-slip for pool use.

polar heat rate monitorWhen you get serious about your training you will want to time your workouts and start monitoring heart rate when working through your cardio sets. We could post details on well over 100 training watches but have decided to just go for this one as it is awesome and does everything you need anyway.  The women’s Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is exactly what you need to monitor and manage a good workout.  It will really help to keep you on track during each session.  It has a Smart Calorie feature that uses your personal information to provide you with details of calories burned on each workout.  The watch comes with a soft fabric heart rate chest strap that mould and adapts to your body shape – giving you all the info you need straight away.

The last thing on our list is a workout log. There are numerous distractions in the gym so do yourself a favor and pull together a properly organized workout log. You will want to record times, weight, sets and rest periods. Comes in very handy when you can check back on recorded weights so you can push yourself and pile on more…

We hope you like our ‘Ten things you need in your gym bag’ and our gym bags for women reviews list. Feel free to add in a comment if you think there is some essential items that should be on this list. Or just let us know what goes in your gym bag and why.

Thanks for stopping by our best gym bags for women info and we hope you got something valuable from this post.  We also have a post on the Best Triathlon Bags available so if triathlon is your thing then be sure to check that post out.

Cheers, and happy training…

Giro Bike Helmets review

giro bike helmetsGiro Helmets started life in a garage belonging to bike racer and designer Jim Gentes in 1985. The first helmet that came out was the Giro Prolight. This design was fine tuned with the help of a friend at NASA. Giro sort of transformed the bicycle helmet world because their helmets were lighter, better looking and much better fitting than traditional bike helmets. This set the standard in bike helmet design and today Giro bike helmets are worn by millions of cyclists and adventure sports people all over the world.

You can find a Giro on the head of anybody from a keen cyclist right through to a hardcore snowboarder. Their style, function and quality keep them ahead of the game and should be on your list of must haves for racing, triathlon or indeed just for a leisurely ride in the country. Gyro have you covered.

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet4.7 Stars

First up on our review is the Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet.  This is a quality lightweight helmet that really look the part.

The Savant comes with awesome style and performance that matches its superb value for such a great helmet.  One of the key points that readers say about the Giro range is the way the helmet fits your head.  Perfect fitting but you feel like you are not even wearing a helmet.  Lightweight and because of the 25 wind tunnel air vents you head will also stay cool on those long and challenging rides.

The Giro Savant also sports the patented Roc Loc 5 fit and stability system which helps hold it in place.  Because of its weight, comfort and vented style this helmet is ideal for triathlon racing.  Overall this helmet is one of our favorites.  We found the best deal here on Amazon for this helmet so go check it out.

Suggested use: Enthusiast Road, Triathlon, Touring, Urban/Commute, Cruiser/Casual

Giro Bike Helmets.  The Atmos4.5 Stars

The Giro Atmos helmet was the first in the range to use the In-Mould Composite reinforcement system. This really was a game changer is helmet design and styling. It allows for a much greater veltilation but does not in any way take from the strength or integrity of the helmet.
Also featuring the Roc Loc 5 system to help the helmet adjust to the contours of your head.

The Giro Atmos also features 26 wind tunnel vents to keep your head cool while in the zone. No helmet head for you with this little beauty. This low profile stylist helmet should also be on your wish list if you are on the lookout for a new cycling helmet.

Suggested Use: Road Race, Triathlon, MTB XC Race, Cyclocross, Enthusiast Road, Urban/Commute, Touring

Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet Matte Black5.0 Stars

The Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet is in a different league to most other cycling helmets.  This compact, super aerodynamic and exceptionally light helmet is designed to slice through the air.  Built for any style of cycling but a firm favorite in the triathlon circuit the Air Attack is testament to the design and workmanship of Giro helmets

It comes with a magnetically attacked eye shield that provides a full wrap around visor.  This gives you a full spectrum view while you are flying down the road in both standard and aero positions.  No limited view here like the one you get with sunglasses…  Come with the quality fit that you would expect from a Giro and has the awesome looks to go with it.

It also keeps your head nice and cool while out on the bike.  Its superbly designed air flow vents push cool air throughout the helmet.  One happy customer stated that he wears prescription glasses and found this style perfect because he can wear the glasses under the shield.  Quite possibly one of the nicest helmets on the market today and a firm favorite of ours here.

We found a nice discounted price here on Amazon but its a limited offer so make sure to check it out before it goes back up again.

You might want to consider getting yourself a spare lens for this little beauty, although they are very tough and durable so will last regardless.

Suggested Use: Road, Aero/Tri

Giro Advantage 2 Helmet4.8 Stars

If you want to go for a fully fledged aero triathlon helmet then you need to be looking at the magnificent Giro Advantage 2 Helmet.  This design has stood the test of time and is one of the most popular triathlon helmets on the circuit.  Popular for a very good reason – It is that good.

It is very common to see a podium finisher wearing a Giro Advantage 2 helmet.  This helmet, which has been around in various guises for over a decade is the best of the best when it comes to triathlon aero helmets.  Designed and tweaked in a wind tunnel to make sure you are getting the very best out of the design, you are sure to fly down the road when you wear one of these gems.

The advantage of the Giro aero helmet is all in the teardrop design which helps you cut through the air, but the secret lies in the fit and the awesome ventilation.  You won’t suffer from ‘helmet head’ when you wear a Giro Advantage.  They have used 20 years of data to get the recipe for the latest Advantage 2 just right.Another major component of the Giro is the Roc Loc 5 Fit System.  This allows you to make micro adjustments to the helmet fit – with one hand.  You can adjust the fore and aft tilt as well so you get the setup just right for hitting the road fully aero.  The Roc Loc comes in nearly 40% lighter that similar competitor systems so you have a distinct weight advantage with this helmet as well.

Suggested Use: Time Trial, Triathlon

Giro Helmets have really raised the bar with their quality, style, comfort and fit.  If you are looking for a new or a replacement bike helmet then you would be well advised to look at one of the Giro helmets.  Crafted from decades of knowledge and design expertise Giro have produced a full range of helmets you can trust, both on and off the race track.

You can check out the full range of Giro helmets over on Amazon.  We use Amazon because we can’t find a better price anywhere else on the internet.

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Best Sunglasses for Triathlon in 2017 (Updated)

best sunglasses for triathlonOne item that I swear by is my trusty sunglasses.  Whether it’s out on the bike section or during the run these are a must.  

There is nothing worse that getting a stray fly or a bit of grit in your eyes when you are flying down the road on your bike.  It’s hard enough to keep the pace as it is without having to perform some minor eye surgery while going at 50 kilometres an hour on your tri bike.  

Or when you are out on the run section of the race and are in the zone.  You don’t want to have to worry about something as simple as dirt in you eyes impacting a chance to get a personal best…

You might be lucky enough to have a built-in visor on your helmet that removes the need for sunglasses for cycling.  

You can check out some of our Giro triathlon helmets if that is a requirement.  If not then you should invest in a quality pair of sports sunglasses as a priority.

Our Top 10 Triathlon Sunglasses for 2017

Best Sunglasses for Triathlon,Running and Cycling

Not all sunglasses are equal and when looking for a decent pair you want to make sure they stay in place while you are active.  These come in the modern style of wrap around sunglasses.  

Face hugging frames make sure they stay in place while you are head down cycling out on the course or track, or bouncing down the road during the final run section of any race.

Let’s take a look at out top Three sunglasses for running

First up are the superb entry level Xloop Silver Sunglasses.  If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses on a budget then you can’t go wrong with these little beauties.  

For something, at this low price point, these are a great start.  

When starting out I didn’t really have a proper place to store all my triathlon gear so things tended to get smashed a fair bit.  At this price, they were great because I bought a few pairs to keep me going.

They have both plastic frames and plastic lenses that are not polarised.  But again for the money what do you expect.  All in all a great entry level pair of sports glasses and should be part of your kit from day one, and also as you progress – even as a spare pair.

All in all a great entry level pair of sports glasses and should be part of your kit from day one, and also as you progress – even as a spare pair.

Next up are the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0’s.  These sports running and cycling sunglasses are top quality and come with all the features you would expect from Tifosi.

The Tifosi brand set out with the mantra that you should have all the features of a really expensive pair of sports sunglasses without the astronomical price point.  And this still stands today.  

The Tyrant glasses have managed to capture this.  Solid on your face when running on the trails, yet lightweight and super comfy when riding the bike.

If you are looking for quality without spending the life savings then these are the sports sunglasses for you.

The final pair we want to review are the Oakley Mens Half Jacket 2.0 Iridium Sunglasses.  With Oakley you never have to worry about quality.  They are at the pinnacle of sunglasses design and produce world class leading kit.

The Iridium coating on the lenses is designed to reflect bright light and aid your vision when running or cycling into the sun.  The curved shape of the lenses helps these little beauties from Oakley stay firmly in place on your face when active and although a bit pricier that the other brands we have mentioned above will provide that extra you need on race or competition day.

Looking after your triathlon sunglasses.

Like everything, if you don’t look after your sunnies they will get damaged, scratched or broken just when you need them the most. A lot of things happen during a race that can cause you to ‘forget’ about the little things. 

For instance:

You don’t wear your sunglasses when you are swimming and they are left in the transition area. Make sure they are stored somewhere safe because the chances are that somebody will hit transition before you and if you leave them lying on the ground beside your bike they may get squashed as another athlete runs by with his bike.

I have a set of carbon TT bars on my bike and when racked I flip my helmet and leave it resting on the bars. I put my sunnies inside this to keep them safe. I don’t have a visor on my helmet as I prefer wearing sunglasses when racing.

Stick on your sunnies, then your helmet and off you go. 

Chances are you will continue to wear these for the run section of the race it’s just a matter of taking off your helmet, changing into your runners and off you go again.

Post Race – Cleaning your sunglasses

After the race, it’s important to give your sunglasses a good cleaning with a soft chamois to remove any dirt or grime. If like me you sweat a lot when racing so they are going to be pretty rough when you hit the finish line.

This is especially important if your swim was in the ocean because you will be leaching salt and this can really affect the condition of the lenses if not cleaned off properly.

Any decent set of triathlon glasses will come with their own case so pop them back into this and put them away until the next race comes around. 

If you want to wear them all the time then I suggest you get yourself a second pair and keep one pair locked away for racing only because even with the best will in the world you will eventually break them, so don’t leave yourself stuck on race day.

You can check out the full range of sports cycling and running sunglasses here on Amazon. Why Amazon?? Best prices and guaranteed quality every time.

Best Tri Shorts (Updated)

Last year I spent $100’s on new triathlon gear.

Some good, some average, and some downright rubbish.

I decided there wasn’t enough information out there dedicated to triathlon shorts, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and I put this review together…

I’ll break it down and show you the best tri shorts money can buy

You are going to be flat-out for the duration of the race so need kit you can rely on to help you in your quest for your next personal best.

With this review, we have focussed on quality tri shorts as opposed to the cheapest options, but still conscious that you don’t need to spend a fortune on triathlon gear either. The reasoning behind this is they will last you much longer and provide multiple benefits on race day.

Our best Triathlon Shorts for 2017 season

Best Tri Shorts – Our Number One Pick

zoot (1)Zoot continues to produce the number one selling triathlon shorts.

These triathlon shorts really are world class and for the money, they are worth the investment.

Zoot tri shorts are designed for the pro’s but can be used by an absolute beginner and you will notice the difference from the first time you wear them.

The ZOOT SPORTS Men’s Performance Tri 8-Inch Shorts are a great all-rounder and can be used during training and on race day.

The SBR 1D pad provides ultimate in comfort while racing or training, making the Zoot Men’s performance tri shorts the most comfortable shorts in triathlon.

The Seamlink stitching helps to minimize chafing whilst providing next to skin comfort and maximum stretch in the fabric – all making this the number one choice for Tri shorts.


  • Stay comfortable and dry with the Performance Endure fabric
  • Enhance breathability and stretch with the Endura 3D panels
  • Secure waist fit with the handy inside draw cord
  • Integra SBR 1D pad construction
  • Nutrition storage in convenient hip holster pockets
  • 8” (20.3cm) inseam


 Best Triathlon Shorts – A Very Close Second

Next up is the Louis Garneau Pro 8 Men’s Shorts.  

Designed from first-grade materials the Louis Garneau PRO8 shorts are top of the line when it comes to comfort – both on race day and during heavy duty training sessions both in and out of the water.  

The multitude of different materials that make up these shorts all plays a vital role in their performance.

Delfino is a material that breathes, wicks effectively and provides superior ventilation during your ride or run.  

This fabric has been noted to provide exceptional aerodynamic properties along with added compression to enhance support for your muscles.

The biggest benefit in our eyes is the ability of the material to resist water absorption.  

This will keep you drier for longer, while on the run or bike stage of any race, or indeed while you are out training for the big day.

Finally, the Carbon-X Mesh built into the rear of the shorts provides adequate muscular support but also provides better blood flow.

best tri shorts

Another great feature of the Louis Garneau PRO 8 tri shorts is the 4-way stretchable chamois.  This clever piece of kit is lightweight but very comfortable on both long and short distances.

It is quick drying and provides great comfort during the bike and run, but does not hamper you in any way during the swim.


Louis Garneau is known worldwide for the quality workmanship.  These shorts are no exception.  Built from quality material with all the latest design features you can be sure that once you try these out you will never look back.

Best triathlon shorts – Features you would expect

If you are the hunt for a new pair of triathlon shorts then you can’t go wrong with any of the brands above.

There are a few features you need to look out for when choosing tri shorts.  Number one on our list is comfort and durability. You wear these shorts from start to finish at every race so they need to work in more ways than one.

First up, you are going to wearing them under your wetsuit so they need to stay in place but not be so bulky or loose fitting that they end up in places they were not designed for. They need to be quick drying when you hit the bike because regardless of how good your wetsuit is they are going to get wet and after competing in a few races you will notice the difference to your ‘undercarriage’ if they do not dry off in the wind on the bike. It’s not a very pleasant feeling let me tell you.

They need a fairly good waistband.  Because they are not all in one tri suits or bib style shorts you need the band to help them stay up. This goes for all parts of the race.

Seems a bit odd mentioning it but there is nothing worse than having to keep pulling up your shorts while you are hammering down the road during a race.

  • Stay in position under your wetsuit.
  • Stay up when you are on the bike and give you adequate compression on you thighs
  • Hold in place when running but give you enough freedom of movement to let you run unhindered

You also need to focus on the leg grips on your shorts.

They need to be tight enough to avoid slipping but comfortable enough to get you through a lengthy ride.  Some of the cheaper pairs you can buy will sort of stick to your legs and chafe while you are riding even short distances, so best to avoid this at all costs.

The next thing you need to focus on is comfortable, but durable padding.

Your ride distances will always vary in length but you want to be as comfortable as possible even on shorter rides.  Having checked the reviews on each of these shorts you can be sure that they will provide the level of comfort you would expect from quality triathlon shorts. While the padding is important on the bike section of the race you don’t want too much or it will hinder you when running. There is a fine balance here but any of the brands shown take this into consideration.

Another important factor to consider is how the tri shorts are made. Are there loads of seams in the material. This may give you a great look to the shorts but if the seams are thick and in the wrong places you are going to suffer from considerable chaffing one you start racing.

The Zoot shorts above have multiple types of material as part of their makeup but if you look closely you will notice that the seams don’t run into any confined or pinch point areas when you wear them. This allows the manufacturers to add in breathable and compression areas to the shorts to help you every step of the way.

The seams should be flush on the inside and clear of any areas like the crotch etc. There are seams around the padding in the seat of the shorts but internally you will notice these are flush with the material to again, avoid chaffing etc.

If you want to extend the lifetime of your tri shorts then try and hand wash them after every ride or run and only put them through the washing machine after five or six uses.

A good soaking in warm to hot water with some soap is enough to keep your shorts clean are presentable.  The more they go through the washing machine the shorter lifespan they will have.  Do make sure to wash them thoroughly though if you do decide to hand wash them.

Tri shorts are not for everybody and the majority of athletes prefer a full tri suit on race day but it is really up to you which one you prefer. We opt for both options and it really depends on weather conditions and the length of the race we are competing in.

This review could cover hundreds of pairs of tri shorts so we have just selected some of our favorites based on customer feedback and reader reviews.

If you have a favorite pair that you feel should be on the list then leave us a comment below and we will gladly have a look and see if it should be featured here.

We hope you like our Best Tri Shorts review and if you are interested there is plenty more Triathlon info here to keep you busy reading.

You can find the full selection of triathlon shorts here.

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gyst bp1-14

GYST Backpack BP1-14

gyst bp1-14Featuring the unique X-Changer System the GYST Backpack BP1-14 allows you to get changed anywhere – mud, sand, snow, or concrete without having to put you feet on the ground. Very handy when in a transition area and speed is a priority.

The bag opens out and a separate compartment turns into a superb transition mat with the opening of a zip. This compartment is a dedicated wetsuit area with elastic straps and a foldable drain. It can also be used for shoes and connects to the rest of the bag with magnets, loops and hooks – again very handy when you are in a transition area and are in the ‘zone’

Click here to buy now 

gyst backpack bp1-14There are six additional pockets for the rest of your gear and portable devices in the GYST backpack. The bag itself is made up of durable material and sports a comfortable breathable padded back panel. There is also a bottom flap for securing all of your belongings.

gyst bp1-14 gyst bp1-14 gyst bp1-14 gyst bp1-14

GYST Backpack BP1-14 

• XCP system
• Combination of magnets/hooks and loops for ease of use of the 3 compartments
• 20 Magnets provides closure on inner compartments for quick access
• Dual access to storage compartment to allow you to load the bag closed and access your gear once opened
• Water repellent fabric and reverse mounted size #10 zippers
• PU coated fabric expose to the ground with abrasion resistant Hypalon® patch over magnets
• Bottom flap with adjustable and replaceable elastic and nylon hook (yellow) keeping compartments together
• 3 Large size top-loading compartment (fitting a 17” laptop)
• New drainage system to evacuate remaining water
• Luxury side pocket soft lining for electronic devices, sunglasses…
• 2 front and 2 side pockets
• Front gusset construction to allow pocket extension
• Side “wax” pocket in transition compartment
• Breathable padded back panel
• Side spacer mesh bottle holder
• “G1” and “G2” set of woven label indicating in which order to open the compartments
• Reinforced ripstop bottom
• Ideal loading capacity 16lbs (heavy load could disconnect some magnets)

Size 20in H x 16.5in W x 13in D [51x43x33cm]
Volume 2533cu. In [40l]
Weight 3.5 lbs [1.63kg]
Max. Laptop Size 17″
Materials PVC FREE Bag: 600D Polyester PU Coated Bottom: 600D Rip-stop Polyester PU Coated


Safe secure shopping available here on Amazon

You can view the rest of our triathlon transition bags here

very best transition bag