castelli pro gloves

Best Cycling Gloves

I was never a big fan of wearing gloves when out on the bike but when the weather changes and the road gets a bit rougher I am glad of them.

I have always loved the responsive feel on the handlebars from my bare hands as I speed down the asphalt. It feels more natural and the steering pinpoint accurate.

However, as time has gone by and I have had a few too many tumbles I always reach for my gloves before I head out for a spin.

Plus as we move towards colder weather at this time of the year your hands could do with the extra layer to keep them working as they should. Frozen hands loose power and with that you loose control and end up on your rump in the middle of the road…

Plus, like my shorts I like a bit of padding where it counts for longer journeys…

castelli pro gloves

Pro's & Con's


Gel Padding & Grip


A bit pricey

Castelli Pro Gloves

First, let’s take a look at the Castelli Pro Gloves. I have been a fan of Castelli for years and have owned, tested and punished many of their products when out racing.

Quality has always been one of their selling points and these gloves are no exception. 

our verdict

Overall these are a great set of gloves. If your budget allows then you should invest in a pair today. They feel great on and have plenty of grip and because the gel pads are not the usual leather type they do not destroy your bar tape.


Giro Bravo Gloves

Pro's & Con's


Gel Padding & Grip

Throw them in the washing machine and they are as good as new…

Velcro gripper is a bit long

Giro Bravo Gloves

Next on our list it the excellent Giro Bravo Gloves. These gloves are pure class and a great reflection on the quality of Giro products.

Built from synthetic leather with great gel pads throughout these breathable cycling gloves are strong and offer excellent grip on even the longest of rides

our verdict

Overall a nice comfortable set of cycling gloves from Giro. Again up in the price range a bit but worth the spend if you are looking for quality. A few of the guys love these and even throw them in the washer to keep them in tip top condition for race day.

Giro Bravo Gloves, Black, Large

GIRO - Sports



Pro's & Con's


Gel Padding & Grip

Breathable so hands stay happy

The velcro strap detail de-laminates but a bit of glue and away you go again.

Louis Garneau Nimbus Glove

I have always been a fan of Louis Garneau and the Nimbus Gloves are one of my favourite pairs of cycling gloves. 

Packed with all the features you would expect these gloves are ultra comfortable, a great fit and have plenty of padding for that long journey.

our verdict

A great pair of gloves for the money. Backed by a 1 year guarantee if you have any issues but being Louis Garneau you should be fine. 

A few people have commented on the velcro strap de-laminating but glued it back together and still going…

best winter cycling gloves

As the weather turns colder and the seasons shift towards winter your hands will get very cold when you are out on the bike. Insulation is critical for your hands but they also need to be able to breathe to stop them getting all sweaty. 

A good pair of winter cycling gloves are essential for you comfort when on the road.

Pearl Izumi Softshell gloves

Pro's & Con's

Warm and Breathable

Gel Padding & Grip

Conductive thumb and index finger tips for smartphone use.

Not ideal for very cold weather

Pearl Izumi Elite Softshell gloves

When the weather gets colder you need a good quality pair of winter cycling gloves to keep your hands warm and functioning properly. Thats where the Elite Softshell Gloves from Pearl Izumi come into their own.

Plenty of Gel padding for longer rides and they even have conductive thumb and index finger tips so you can use your smartphone. (not while riding though…)

our verdict

Overall a solid pair of comfortable and durable gloves from Pearl Izumi. Pricing is fair and the quality is top notch.

Remember not to use your smartphone while on the go…

- $1.01
Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Elite Softshell Glove, Black, Large

Pearl iZUMi Ride - Sports Apparel

$60.00 $58.99

Gore Power Windstopper Soft Shell Gloves

Pro's & Con's

High Quality

Wind Proof

Thermo Lining


Gore Power Windstopper Soft Shell Gloves

When it comes to warm weather clothing no list would be complete without including Gore. The Gore Power Windstopper soft shell gloves are designed to keep you warm and comfortable on every cycling journey.

You might be our for a leisurely training session or a flat out race but rest assured your hands will stay warm and comfortable throughout.

our verdict

Great for keeping your hands in tip top condition when out on a long ride. Windproof but breathable your hands will thank you for choosing Gore the next time you head out in the cold.

Final thoughts on the Best Cycling Gloves


These products are what we consider the best cycling gloves on the market today and have been chosen based on user reviews and honest feedback. We hope you find the right pair to suit you for your next cycling trip.

If you have a brand of cycling gloves that you use on a daily basis and feel they should be on the list then drop us a comment below and we will take a look.

If suitable it might even get a test run and make it on to the list next time around.

Thanks for stopping by and happy cycling.