Best Clip On Aero Bars for Triathlon

best clip on aero barsA great modification to your standard road bike is to install a set of clip on aero bars. These bars will allow you to get into the aero position while on the ride section of the race.

There are many benefits to this riding position – number one is being more aerodynamic.

When you ride normally you sit upright and act sort of like an air brake.

Getting aero pulls you down below the wind and significantly reduces you resistance mass allowing you to cut through the wind.  In this post, we are going to review the best clip on aero bars and provide details on some of the features of each set.

Best Clip On Aero Bars of 2017

You can spend anything from a few dollars up over hundreds of dollars for professional clip-on aero bars. They basically do the same thing but when you spend more money you start to get a lot of additional features.

Primarily the bars will be carbon fibre – massive weight reduction compared to the cheap aero bars.

A lot will also depend on your budget and how serious you are about racing. Because of the variety, we have put together this selection to get you started in your decision process. We may not cover all of the best clip on aero bars but hope you can find something here that suits you. These are the most popular on the market at the moment.

We may not cover all of the best clip on aero bars but hope you can find something here that suits you. These are the most popular on the market at the moment.


This question always comes up and has many answers.

How much do you want to spend?

What are the aero bars for? – A practice bike for training in the park or for your primary tri bike.

The beauty of clip on aero bars is you can swap them out fairly easily. A couple of hex head bolts are usually all that holds them on to the normal handlebars of your bike.

What are they made of? The cheaper sets tend to be made of some sort of alloy and as you go up in price you start to see carbon fibre introduced into the range.

Carbon fibre is much lighter so if you have the budget then go for these instead.

As stated earlier the beauty of clip on aero bars is you can take them off the bike without much effort if they do not suit your riding style or you prefer the standard set-up. You will find though over time that you will adapt to the aero position while racing and you bike times will reflect this.

Best Budget Clip-On Aero Bars


If you are serious about triathlon and want to compete at a higher level then you will need something much lighter and sleeker than the intro sets above.

Carbon clip on aero triathlon bars will definitely be on your shopping list for their massive weight reduction.

Using these carbon aero bars does change a few things though. You will have to spend a few more dollars to get a set of tri bars you can work with, to keep the weight down and to get down and in the full aero position.

Comfort plays a bit part in this too. Getting set up with a good comfortable set of tri bars is critical on longer rides. We suggest you try out a few different sets first if you can to make sure they suit. Watch out as well if you buy a second-hand pair.

Sometimes the previous user will cut down the stems a bit and they may be too short for you.


I have seen quite a few people start out with clip on aero bars on normal handlebars and then step up a level by purchasing a new Carbon Base Bar. Go to any Triathlon event and they are everywhere.

This gives you the ability to reuse your existing clip on aero bars but builds up a full aero set of handlebars without the expense of a pro set. However, as you progress in the sport you will most likely get yourself a full TT bike with integrated Aero Bars.


Addition items you may need when you install clip on aero bars is some new bar end shifters. These gear shifters are designed to sit at the end of each aero bar – making it easy to change gear while you are in the aero position. We have more information on those throughout the site


There are many benefits to using aero bars on a bike during a race but the primary one comes down to aerodynamics.

When you are down in the aero position you remove quite a bit of body mass out of the wind. Because we are not the most aerodynamic of creatures getting down low you are giving yourself a huge advantage over the opposition who will sit upright and act as an air brake into the wind.

The price of entry for a basic set of clip on aero bars is very low. You can get something from as little as a few dollars. A couple of things to check out first though is the diameter of your handlebars. Make sure the bars will fit.

Also as stated at the start of this post you can always remove the bars if you are not comfortable or happy with the riding style.

The final thing we want to discuss today is how you can quickly modify your road bike and turn it into a triathlon style bike with two quick changes.

First, you will need an angled seat post. This pushes the rider forward in the frame.

Couple this with a nice set of clip on aero bars for a road bike and you are set.

The video below shows you how to do this and the benefits of getting aero in the ride.

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