Today we review the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro.  A great little machine that takes the effort out of achieving those perfect Abs.

ab carver pro review

AB Carver Pro Fitness Roller.

You could look at different types of fitness rollers all day long. They come in every shape and style imaginable but to be honest the best option available and certainly the best value has to be the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro.

We all know that your core it key to overall fitness and by using this ab wheel workout you are going to build it up in no time at all. Everybody longs for well defined abdominals and this machine take a lot of the work out of it but you still get all the benefits.

How does the Ab Carver Pro work.

Primarily it is an aid for push ups that help strengthen and define your abs. Designed by a Navy Seal it features patent pending technology that gets the job done.  You will see full instructions for use in the video below but basically you roll yourself out lengthways and the spring loaded internal system helps you get back to your starting position.

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Why is it the best Ab Wheel on the market

Its main feature is the Kinetic Assist Engine. This technology helps you with your workout. The spring loaded mechanism inside helps you exercise properly by keeping you lined up correctly, but also helps get you back to the starting position.

As you push outwards the spring comes under tension and when you start the return movement this tension pushes you back upright again, all the while giving you the benefits of a full push up without the hardship.

Start off slow and work your way up with this device.  Any abdominal work is always going to be tough going to start with.  You will feel the burn after one or two goes so take your time.

The long term results you get from a device like this are amazing and worth the effort but again, take your time.

Ab Carver kinetic assist engine

ab carver kinetic assist engine

Make sure to start off easy.  You will be working muscles that you may never have touched before.  Slow and steady wins the race…  If you have any pains or aches or a bad back you should consult your doctor before you start using any fitness device.

Work Those Abdominals

You can also combine the straightforward exercise with curved motion.  This works additional muscles and helps overall in Ab definition.

The carbon spring mechanism provides just enough resistance when you push out and just enough assistance when you pull back in.  You will feel the burn so know it is working.

Some people have experienced amazing results with this in quite a short period of time.

There are three basic rules you should follow when working out with the Ab Carver Pro:

Its all about the quality – Watch your form and keep your core tight.  Stay focussed on what you are doing.

Understand your limits – This is an intense workout, especially as a beginner.  Because of the intensity of this exercise it will take you some time to build up your strength levels

Take your time – We all want perfectly sculpted Abs but that is easier said than done.  Watch your pace and keep it slow.  This will help with form and overall effectiveness of the exercise.

ab carver pro women

target all those hard to work muscles in one go


This device will help you in your quest for ripped Abdominals and nicely sculpted arms.  The wide wheel provides nice stability during the exercise and works on most surfaces.  Carve left, carve right or carve straight ahead.  With the Ab Carver Pro you are getting a solid workout every time you use it.

Even the angles of the handles are designed to help sculpt your arm muscles so overall a great device for everybody looking for those perfect Abs.

ab carver pro man