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Having the right gear with you on Triathlon race day is what makes or breaks your experience. Come prepared and organized and the day will go much better than if you have gear all over the place. I have seen people train for months on end, only to turn up on the day and forget their helmet, bike or even wetsuit. Don’t prepare and this is what can happen.  Thats where we come in.  Our aim is to show you the Best Triathlon Gear available today, with awesome prices and top class reviews

orca wetsuit

Swimming Gear for a Triathlon

First up in any triathlon race is the swim. For this you are going to need a few things to get you started. A decent wetsuit is essential, and in a lot of cases you are not allowed enter the water without one. We have picked out a quality selection here and have tried to display them from entry level up to pro. When starting out a lot of people tend to go for an entry level wetsuit – not necessarily a triathlon specific wetsuit but rather something they can afford, just in case they do not take up the sport long term.  Whatever you decide make sure you practice a few times in the wetsuit prior to race day.

Tip: Time yourself trying to get out of your wetsuit after your swim session.  I constantly see people struggle and you don’t want to loose valuable time after all you hard training…

best swim gogglesThe next thing you need is a set of swimming goggles. Again there are many shapes, styles and prices available for these. You can check out our goggles review here. Notice there are two different styles which we cover off and the full face goggles seem to be popular for beginners.

Tip: Make sure your goggles are checked and adjusted prior to entering the water.  You won’t have time to be messing about once you get wet.  Its literally head down and start swimming.

You also need a swimming hat. You get a color coded hat provided on most race days. The color corresponds with whatever wave you may be in. You see a lot of people wearing two hats. They put on their own first, then their goggles, and then their other colored hat. This helps to keep you goggles firmly in place. The swim can get quite animated at the starting line and there is ofter a stray foot flying about so be careful.  You can pick up a good quality swimming hat on Amazon for a few quid.

Cycling Gear for a Triathlon

Stage two of triathlon racing is the bike section.  This is where you can really spend a lot of money if you want to.  you can get an entry level road bike for a few hundred dollars or you could potentially spend upwards of 10k for a fully blown carbon fibre time trial triathlon specific bike.  For the purpose of this article we are going to focus on entry level, affordable, but quality equipment to get you set up without blowing the inheritance.

2014 kestrel talonFirst up is the bike itself.  Whilst there a hundreds of options here we have pulled together stats and information of a quality entry level triathlon/road bike.  Details of that can be found by check out our 2014 Kestrel Talon review.  It comes complete with Shimano 105 gear and its carbon fiber.  This really is a class bike and for the money its great value as well.  One of the advantages of this bike is that if you decide not to pursue a career in Triathlon then it runs just as well as a road bike so its like two for the price of one.  You will need to invest in a set of pedals.  The Shimano SPD-SL PD R-540 pedals are a great entry level set but come with the quality backing of Shimano.

Some of the other items you will need on race day are good quality bike tires.  These are key for any race because you don’t want a flat or collapsed tire to stop you mid race.  We have put this Continental Bike Tires review together because we feel they offer the best value for money and are top quality.

You will need to invest in a bike pump because you want to make sure your tires are at the correct pressure on race day.  It makes a huge difference to speed and handling so why not give yourself every advantage you can.  Amazon have a great selection of bike pumps and the Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump is one of the best value pumps available today.

louis garneau cycling shoesLast on our shopping list for the bike section of your triathlon race is a pair of bike shoes.  These shoes from Louis Garneau may not be the cheapest but they are top quality and great for any race distance.  Make sure you get shoes that match your pedals because there are different styles for different use cases.

Tip: Don’t forget to purchase a set of Pedal Cleats  These are essential for binding your shoes to your pedals.

Running Gear for a Triathlon

best triathlon suitThe final stage of you triathlon race is the run.  The gear you need for this section really depends on taste and budget.  There are a few basics you should invest to get you started and if you commit to the sport long term then this may change.  As a minimum you should buy yourself a good tri suit.  This serves multiple purposes.  Firstly you can wear it under your wetsuit, so when you leave the water and remove the wetsuit you just have to pop on your bike shoes and head of cycling.  They all come with built in padding to protect you from wear and tear on the bike.

Check out our Best Triathlon suit review.  We cover entry level right up to pro suits here so there should be something to suit your level and budget.

running shoes for flat feetYou are also going to want to invest in a pair of quality running shoes.  Again you can spend a small fortune here if you really want to.  Thats not our style so we looked about for quality at a reasonable price.  We are still writing up this updated review because the brands have all brought our their new lines.  No point in feeding you with information on stock that is no longer available so stay tuned for more on this later.  We do however have details on the best running shoes for flat feet which you may want to check out.  Quite a few runners suffer from this issue and go for specific styles to help them run comfortably.

Tip:  Check out our page on knee pain from running.  May help you in the future if you suffer from this ailment.

A Triathlon Bag for all your gear

best triathlon bagThe final piece of kit you are going to need for triathlon racing is a quality triathlon bag to store all of your gear.  These come in many shapes and sizes and vary a bit in price too.  We have picked the best out of the bunch and provided a triathlon bag review to help you in your quest to find the best bag to suit you.  These types of bags are triathlon specific and have many compartments for each group of kit.  There is even a wetsuit compartment in some of them to keep your wet stuff sealed off from the rest of your gear.

The purpose of this site Best Triathlon Gear is to give you some honest reviews on kit we use and like, customer reviews and some special offers we feel will be of benefit to you on race day.  We also cover off on fitness tips and some health stuff as well.  Some of our more popular fitness related posts are below.  From Amazing Ab workouts through to dealing with knee pain after running.

Triathlon racing is not for the faint hearted and takes plenty of training to get you fit enough to compete. Don’t get me wrong, anybody can do it, it just takes dedication and a positive attitude to get you to the start line of your first race. Once you cross the finish line you are hooked. To help you in your quest to become an awesome triathlete you need the right triathlon gear. This site is where you can find the best triathlon gear online today at very reasonable prices. You also need a decent triathlon bag to put all this gear in so you are organized when you turn up to race.

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